About Jess Jurkovic

Jess JurkovicA native of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Jess Jurkovic started his musical life as a drummer and percussionist, but at age fourteen, began to compose and teach himself jazz piano.

Today he is an exciting and eclectic voice as a pianist and composer. He has written over 100 pieces and arranged dozens of standards and not-so-standards for his groups. In addition, he has arranged and composed music for jazz big band, jazz vocal ensemble, string orchestra, and even classical chamber ensembles—as well as worked in and composed for pop, rock, and funk genres.

Jess attended the University of Minnesota, receiving his Bachelor of Music degree in 1996. That year he moved to New York City to study at Manhattan School of Music, where he received his Master’s degree in Jazz and Commercial Music in 1998.

Jess has served as musical director to several New York cabaret artists, as well as with the American Tap Dance Foundation. He is on the piano faculty at Larchmont Music Academy, teaching private piano lessons to all ages. He has also worked with Cherry Lane Music Co. as a freelance writer and editor; his book Keyboard Warm-up Techniques was published in 2006.

Jess JurkovicJess’s first recording was the art department (2000), a jazz quartet he formed with percussionist Greg Beyer. He quickly followed that with Blue and Violet (2001), a duo recording with Pedro Giraudo.

In addition to his own recordings, Jess is an integral member of the Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra (represented on three CDs), and Justin Hines and the Headphones’s debut CD, As Advertised. He also has joined The Leonisa Ardizzone Quartet. To find out more, click Music at the top of this page.

Jess’s newest recording under his own name is a solo piano effort, Two Hands, Volume 1 (2007). To find out more, click Résumé at the top of this page.